How Do We Get Customers?

Premier Martial Arts franchise offers robust marketing support and a mainstream approach to martial arts

This is an exciting time to own a Premier Martial Arts franchise business. Martial arts has entered the mainstream in a big way with the growing popularity of UFC and the prominence of the sport in popular movies such as The Avengers, Hunger Games, Batman v Superman and almost any other action film. As a result, interest in the sport has reached an all-time high. Millions of people are turning to martial arts as an alternative to the gym, and parents are sending their children off the couch and off their screens to learn the discipline, the respect and the self-confidence that martial arts provide.

Though Premier Martial Arts franchisees benefit from the growing interest in martial arts, what truly makes us stand out as a business opportunity is our ability to win new customers and then keep them for several years at a time. Premier Martial Arts can do this because we’re different from any other martial arts experience available.

“When a new customer walks through our doors, they are immediately struck by how clean everything is and how fresh everything smells,” says Myles Baker, Vice President of Premier Martial Arts. “Our instructors are the most experienced in their markets, and they are able to provide the best possible martial arts experience. Our instructors are personable, professional and build meaningful relationships with our customers. This is why our customers stay with us for several years on average: they cannot get an experience that is as professional and engaging anywhere else.”

Our customers are primarily children, ages 5-15, and this is where being professional and providing a clean, well-lit atmosphere that is as fun as it is rewarding is crucial. Parents are encouraged to watch their children take classes, which gives them insight into how much their children are benefitting.

“Parents are sending their kids to us in record numbers,” says Eric Arriaga, owner of a Premier Martial Arts franchise in Harlingen, Texas. “There’s a lot of issues out there, such as bullying, attention deficit disorders, discipline issues, obesity and others that parents are eager to address. We evaluate our students individually with their parents so that we can put their children in the program that best addresses their immediate concerns. Our programs are designed to empower our students to become more confident, more respectful and more fit, while also becoming great martial artists.”

Premier Martial Arts offers robust ongoing marketing support

One of the major benefits of joining an established brand like Premier Martial Arts is the support infrastructure we’ve established over decades of success in operating martial arts studios. Premier Martial Arts offers one of the most robust marketing support platforms in the entire franchise industry, providing our franchisees with the tools they need to draw new customers to their doors.

Premier Martial Arts coaches our franchisees on how to sell our services in their communities. Because our franchisees aren’t in the studio teaching students, they are meant to be out in their communities winning business. We teach them how to build referrals from school systems, day camps and other sports programs, as well how to sell Premier Martial Arts directly to their customers.

“I’ve been on my own in independent studios, and there’s no question that being a part of Premier Martial Arts is much better for business,” says Michael Reid, owner of Premier Martial Arts franchise in Atlanta. “Martial arts is never thought about as a business, but it is a business. You need to have the systems and processes in place that help you become successful. Premier Martial Arts has figured this out, which is why you don’t see Premier Martial Arts going out of business. They have developed the marketing infrastructure, the ongoing support and the revenue streams that you need to become successful.”

Premier Martial Arts has multiple revenue streams

Thousands of children and adults walk through the doors of Premier Martial Arts locations every weekday, and we capitalize on this by systemizing our revenue streams to increase the profitability of our franchisees.

How do Premier Martial Arts locations make money?

  • Signing up new customers
  • Membership upgrades and renewals
  • Recurring payments from existing customers
  • Selling merchandise such as uniforms, weapons and more
  • Birthday parties
  • Private events
  • Additional classes such as self-defense for women, fitness kickboxing, yoga and educational programs for kids like Bully Proof

“Premier Martial Arts is one of the only brands in martial arts that recognizes martial arts is a business,” says Barry Van Over, CEO and Founder of Premier Martial Arts. “The wide majority of independent martial arts studios struggle to stay open because they do not have the skills needed to run a profitable business. We have organized Premier Martial Arts so it is profitable and sustainable for our franchisees, as well as being affordable and life-changing for our customers.”