Meet the Premier Martial Arts Management Team

Premier Martial Arts is led by an executive team that is passionate about the long-term success of our franchisees


Founder & CEO of Premier Martial Arts

One of the leading authorities on the business of martial arts and a 7th Degree Black Belt, Barry Van Over has built his career helping other school owners achieve success.

Mr. Van Over has gone from owning and operating one of the largest martial arts schools in the world to starting a consulting company to serve school owners in reaching their business dreams, to now the creator and president of one of the world’s largest chains of martial arts studios, Premier Martial Arts.


President, Premier Martial Arts

Alan began his career in 1985 as a sales manager for Lewis and Davis, a real estate investment partnership. Over the past three decades, Alan rose to become a highly experienced franchisee and franchisor. He grew the Steak Out into a national chain, became the CEO of Gigi’s Cupcakes and has been involved in several other successful franchise systems. Alan believes in franchisee-first organizations that put franchise owner profitability and satisfaction as the primary goal of the organization.

Thanks to many years working in commercial real estate, Alan is also expert at helping franchisees acquire real estate and get favorable lease terms, making initial costs as low as possible. Alan has experience opening and operating several multi-unit operations as a franchisee and always takes franchisee feedback into his decision process.

He has a proven ability to market products, enlist productive management teams and sustain high revenues within the franchise systems he manages.


Vice-President of Premier Martial Arts USA

Mr. Baker is the Vice President of Premier Martial Arts and a 4th Degree Black Belt. He is also a school owner/operator who has been in the martial arts industry for the past 12 years, 10 of them being under the guidance of Barry Van Over.

Mr. Baker has worked every position in a martial arts school. From front desk, assistant instructor, head instructor, program director to regional manager of Mr. Van Over’s personally owned schools. He is a product of the system, and therefore he understands the smallest of details that help your business grow.

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