What is Premier Martial Arts Franchise?

The fast-growing martial arts franchise is your chance to make a positive impact on your community

Premier Martial Arts franchise is poised to revolutionize the $4 billion martial arts industry. With our proven business model that is designed for growth and sustainability, Premier Martial Arts franchises are businesses with high-profit potential and the ability to help more students than a traditional martial arts studio.

Since our founding more than 15 years ago, Premier Martial Arts has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs who are passionate about people’s well-being and character development find success as business owners in the wildly popular martial arts segment. We’re proud that our 90-plus locations across the country are helping thousands of children stand up to bullying, become accountable for their actions, and learn life-lessons that promote confidence, integrity and respect. We’ve also helped and are helping thousands of adults become more confident, more focused and more self-assured — all through the discipline and exceptional training that practicing martial arts provides.

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“Owning a Premier Martial Arts is a life-changing adventure for our franchisees,” says Barry Van Over, CEO and Founder of Premier Martial Arts. “This business really makes a meaningful difference in their lives and the lives of their students. Our franchisees can feel proud of helping their students develop life skills that will dramatically improve their sense of self-worth, and they also benefit from the financial rewards of providing such an important service. Most importantly, our franchisees become empowered because their business is such a positive force in their communities.”

Premier Martial Arts is a wiser investment than a traditional martial arts studio

Traditionally, martial arts studios have been independently run and owned, often by the instructor alone. This poses long-term problems for these business owners, especially if they do not have the business acumen needed to grow, remain relevant and provide the best martial arts experience in their community to continue to attract new customers.

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Premier Martial Arts solved this problem by designing a business model that is the direct opposite of the traditional studio model. While Premier Martial Arts franchisees are passionate about martial arts, they are not teaching the classes themselves. Our business model is predicated on establishing our franchisees as the CEOs of their businesses. Premier Martial Arts have a system in place for every aspect of the business, from the curriculum used to teach students, to hiring the best instructors in your area, to winning new business, to marketing effectively in your community, as well as scaling up to multi-unit ownership and more.

This is exactly how it worked for David Pantano, owner of a Premier Martial Arts in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania. Pantano owned his own studio for years and was constantly struggling to make ends meet. Tired of just getting by, Pantano researched a way to bring his studio to the next level, and he quickly came upon Premier Martial Arts. After implementing the business model 12 years ago, he now has a thriving business that has given him the means to provide a great life for his family and is providing an invaluable service to his students.

“Not having any experience in business, it was a struggle for several years to learn how to run a business,” Pantano says. “My wife was pregnant with my little boy at the time. We were broke, and I was worried about the repo man. My wife encouraged me to go and listen to what Van Over said. He said, ‘You have to give our systems a chance.’ Once I embraced the Premier Martial Arts systems, everything changed. Our gym became like Starbucks — we have the nicest gym in the area. Our customers started paying the bills, and more customers started enrolling their children in our classes. We’ve made such a tremendous difference in the lives of so many, and the fact that we’re successful allows me to keep making a difference.”